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Who am I?

Time for an introduction...

Hi there! My name is Elaine, mother of 2 beautiful kids, Adi (3.5 years) and Loú Storm (1.5 years). I was born in The Netherlands and at the age of 23 I moved to Aruba to be with my boyfriend, and now fiancé.

As a young mother myself, I have experienced how intense and overwhelming it can be when you find out you will become a parent. I had so many questions and wanted to make sure everything was ready for when our baby arrived. Baby’s Best Aruba is created based on my own experience as a mother (to be). Yes, I knew the purpose of diapers but, little did I know there were still so many options on a small island like Aruba! Not to mention the key factors to consider when looking for the best diaper for a newborn baby! Price, size, fabric, fit, overall quality, and so on.

When I was pregnant with my second baby I decided to dive deeper into the ‘diaper business’. How is it possible for new parents to at least know more about the different diaper brands available, as well as the important factors? Preferably before the baby is born, or as soon as the baby is born? This is when the idea of creating diaper test & gift packages came up! By offering customized packages I can offer (new) parents-to-be a way to get to know the different diaper brands and literally test which diaper brand is best for their little one. All this to save time, money, and not to mention a LOT of poop explosions or even worse, diaper rash!

My mission is to make the time as a new parent or parent-to-be a little less overwhelming so that there will be more time to relax and enjoy the time with your newborn baby. 

If only they could stay little a bit longer ;-) 

Enjoy this special time in your life!

 Mom, Owner & Founder of Baby’s Best Aruba - Elaine Voorderhaak 

The Reason

Why Baby's Best Aruba?

Speaking from experience, we know that you will have a lot of questions that you as a parent (to be) want to get answers to. We get it, you want to be as experienced & prepared as you can be when your baby arrives! 

Let's be real, only when your newborn arrives, you will be able to figure out a lot of the unanswered questions, including 'what is the best diaper brand for my little one?'

Every baby is different, which also means that there is no perfect 'one size fits all' diaper (although some brands might claim this in their advertising...). With this being said, we want to make this journey to finding the ideal diaper for your baby a lot easier as well as a lot more fun, and not to mention more affordable!

By creating our diaper test & gift packages, we can offer all new parents an ideal experience on finding THE perfect diaper brand! Even though Aruba is a small island in the Caribbean, we still have 10+ diaper brands available in different stores. 

We truly believe that with our diaper packages, we can make your first days as a parent a little less stressful. Don't waste your time or money on buying diapers in bulk! Purchase your diaper test package with us and find Your Baby's Best brand!

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